Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kikuyu Wedding

The other day, while we were at home relaxing, we began to hear cars honking, or hooting, as it is called here. More and more cars were coming into our complex, all hooting. We went outside to see what was going on, and realized it was a wedding party. Adrienne grabbed the video camera and started filming this very cool event taking place.

We found out (by asking our neighbors who came out to watch as well) that this was a traditional Kikuyu wedding. The women from the groom's family had come to collect the bride from her parent's house. They sing outside the gate until they are let in, then they bring the bride out to a waiting car and take her to the ceremony.

Enjoy the singing and dancing!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting settled in

Since our last post we have been crazy with getting a routine started with our kids and dinner menus and finalizing all the paperwork for our car, getting a PO Box, painting the house, dealing with a sick kitten, potty training and ministry. Phew!

The move went great. On moving day, after 2 1/2 hours of waiting for our moving truck, the moving guy calls us to say the truck has been in the shop and it would be several more hours till he was able to get there. So a friend from language school called up someone that he knew who was supposed to have the same size truck we had ordered through this other place. But when he came to our house, he came in a pick up truck instead of a lori. I wish I hadn't packed my
camera because this truck was stacked so high it was truly a miracle that the movers actually made it to our house intact. The pictures shown are just ones I found online, but it'll give you a good feeling of how the day went. All of our stuff was moved that day with the exception of Josiah's bed frame, a stroller and my guitar. We were blessed that a few guys came out from the church. I don't think we've EVER had so much help during a move. It was great!

We got our car! We are the proud owners of a Toyota Carib. Since we don't have any of those in America, I posted a picture for you. This is not a pic of our actual car but our looks just like it!

Today we went to get our ultrasound of the baby and found out we are going to have a boy!!! Woohoo! Benjamin David Ferguson is expected to be here early August. We appreciate your continued prayers for this pregnancy. It has not been an easy one!

Well, we are excited to get our first painting project underway. We are painting Christopher and Josiah's room with a cars theme. It's coming along well, we should be finished by tomorrow! The picture shown is one we found online and decided to do a car theme instead of an airplane theme. We are so excited to post the final picture!

Our tests went great at language school. Although we haven't gotten the results of the final written exam, Adrienne got a 6.7 out of 7

on the oral exam. Please pray as Jonathan will be taking his oral exam this week. We got news of Jonathan's dad who was due to have surgery on his carotid artery so that took his attention away from taking the oral exam.

As I mentioned, Jonathan's dad, Kim had surgery last week and came through the surgery successfully. He is now home working on recovery. Can you believe he wasn't on any pain meds after the surgery. What a man!!!!

Jonathan's grandma was also admitted to the hospital around the same time with high blood pressure. Apparently the 4th time she had been admitted in 2 weeks. She is now home but please pray for her health and full recovery.

So recently we bought a kitten off the side of the road. We figured this would be a great solution to cock roaches and spiders hanging around the house. BUT as we should've realized, buying a cat off the side of the road has it's share of problems. Currently the kitten is in quarantine in one of our staff quarters with ringworm, apparently VERY contagious. So we got her shots and cream for the problem and we're hoping it clears up soon. I would post a picture but she's losing hair around her face and is lookin' a little scary!

Hopefully by now, you should've received our newsletter. If you have not and would like a copy, please forward your mailing or email address us at and we'll make sure to send one right out!