Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Have you made any resolutions this year? Jonathan and I are both starting on a reading plan to take us through the Bible in a year.
We pray that your walk with Jesus will be fresh and new in 2015 as you seek Him. If you don't know Jesus as your savior, we are glad to share with you that Jesus will wash away your sins and forgive you of all your wrong doing when you turn from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ. Don't put it off any longer! Today is the day of salvation and tomorrow is promised to no man. I'm sure we have all been touched by a life that unexpectedly ended this year. Put your trust in Jesus, pick up a Bible and start reading it or dust the Bible off of your shelf and start in the book of Luke or John. We pray you will be blessed as you discover how much God loves you and the lengths that God went to so you might be forgiven of your sin and cleansed from all unrighteousness.
It's hard to believe in our last post we mentioned that we were just starting to collect our paperwork for our adoption.  As I am sitting here, our new addition is playing outside with his brothers. Just days before Christmas, we came home with Silas. He is a little boy who is full of joy, love and lots of jokes! We couldn't be more thrilled that the "Ferg 5" is now the "Ferg 6". Please pray for our adjustment as a family and peace as Adrienne steps back on ministry commitments.

We are so thankful for the projector that our home church has donated. We can finally have worship words and some power point on Sunday mornings on a large screen.This has enhanced worship tremendously for the church. Instead of looking down at our songbooks and finding song numbers, we can all look up at the screen for the words. Thank you Jesus!

We celebrated our 2nd annual Christmas party with the Children's Ministry. This year our teachers put on a Christmas story play. It was SOOO good and the kids loved it.

 Jonathan recently volunteered as secretary for our community's self help group which provides security to the whole community. We are looking forward to becoming more involved in the community and getting the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with anyone who will listen. We just love the road we live on. Not only is there an opportunity to see wildlife at every corner but we love that our neighbors are a melting pot of so many different people groups including Sudanese, Kenyans, British, Germans, Danish, Egyptians, French, Dutch and more. To visit the people on our road is like taking a little trip around the world.  Adrienne is also trying to get a 5k fundraiser going to assist in the funding of the security guards on the road.

Jonathan also has been given an opportunity to assist in a planned crusade in June. Jonathan plans to disciple the pastors who will be speaking at the crusade. There will be some folks from the U.S. and missionaries on the ground here who are collaborating efforts to see that the gospel message is clear and discipleship and follow up for the people attending is available.

Jonathan will be starting to teach a new semester at the Calvary Chapel Bible College through Calvary Chapel Nairobi. He will be teaching a class on preparing and delivering a sermon (Pastor's class) and two different discipleship classes.  

We thank you for your love, support and prayers as our family serves the Lord here in Kenya. Here's how you can pray:
  • Pray for more laborers in Kenya. Although there are many missionaries here, Kenya needs more people who will share the love of Christ and commit to discipling people here.
  • Pray for strength as we enter into a very busy season of life. 
  • Pray for the completion of our adoption. We will hopefully go to court to finalize Silas' adoption in a few months. 
  • Please pray with us for funds for a car. Our car currently seats 5 and we are a family of 6! 
  • Pray for the completion of our home extension which should be underway soon. The extension will turn our home from a 3 bedroom/1 bath to a four bedroom/2 bath.
  • Please pray for the crusade in June-that God would be glorified and that people will understand their commitment to follow Jesus.  Pray that the teaching from the pulpit will be glorifying to God and people will get "plugged in" to a good healthy Bible teaching church.
  • Please pray for the teams that will come in the next six months to assist the work in Kenya.
Thank you for you love and support!

The Ferguson 6