Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some normalcy around here

Beautiful Kenyan Sunset
Josh pickin' on Christopher (;
Our life in Kenya can seem surreal at times. There are times when the beauty of Kenya leaves you breathless. From the people, to the wildlife to the sunsets and sunrises. This morning I was on a run and not 20 feet from me were a small herd of zebra. I don't know how many times I've thanked God for those moments. It never gets old. Then there are those rough times where life is just hard. Simple tasks take weeks, culture is difficult to adapt to at times. We seem to have gone through enough rough cycles to watch as God brought us safely to the other side. One thing that God has really impressed on our hearts is the need for connection amongst missionaries so we can build each other up in the faith. We have met a really neat guy whom we've grown to love. He is working in an orphanage out in Ngong town and has committed 5 months to serving there. He's a 21 year old Biola student who came out on his own. That takes some real courage! It has been an amazing thing to hear about all the amazing things God is doing through our friend, Josh, and we get to watch as he grows in the love of God. We met Josh while my dad was out here for a visit. My dad met a long time friend (Hi Dee!) who lead a short term trip here in Kenya and she just so happened to be leading this team the same time my dad was here. How neat is that? So we met Josh when Dee was showing us around at this orphanage. When we found out he was on his own after Dee's team left we started having him over weekly for some mental processing, adjustment and some plain ol' fun and American cooking. Please pray for Josh as he has been teaching Math, Physical Education, leading devotions and loving on these sweet kids. Life for a single missionary can get lonely and it's definitely not easy. People can easily get overwhelmed with the culture and can easily isolate out here and we have seen this 21 year old thrive and it's such an encouragement!

The kid table
One of our favorite times of the month is something we call Friday Night Supper or Friday Night Fellowship. Every other Friday people from out road up and down our road bring food to share and we all hang out and get to know each other.  There is such a diversity in our community and it's so neat to meet people from all over the place. There are folks from Kenya, Sudan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Britain and many other countries represented at our meals. It's fun to see the kids looking forward to seeing each other every other week. The host homes are usually busting at the seams with all kinds of people. I thought you might enjoy some pictures from some of our meals.
Friday Night Supper at Ramsey and Vicky Vule's

Jonathan, again, was having some health challenges the last few weeks. We took him to the tropical medicine doctor to find out if he had any internal "funkies" floating around. And sure enough we were relieved to find out that he had another amoeba, worms and a mild stomach infection as a result of all the critters. It was such a relief to hear that he would be feeling better in just a weeks time with the prescription medicines. Please pray for him as it's been rough to take all these medicines and continue his jam packed teaching schedule.

This mama Vervet Monkey didn't mind me getting a close up on her little one

Thanks for taking the time to read our update. God bless you all!