Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saying goodbye....

Well, the Fergusons are just days from departure and we can hardly believe the time has just flown by!
We had a change of plans with our language school that threw us for a loop this last week. We were emailed by the language school and they informed us that school will start Sept. 14th (we thought school would start in Oct!!!!) We land in Nairobi on the 10th so we are definitely going to be stretched the first few weeks in Kenya.
We've posted some pictures of just some of the

goodbyes we've had in the last month. To be honest, emotions have been on such highs and lows with the (Jonathan's side of the family)

realization that we have to say goodbye to everyone we love so deeply. Our friends and family has showered us with love, prayers and support as we make this transition.

Flight Details:Our flight leaves, Tuesday September 8th (3 days!!!) at 9:15 PM (Flight #BA268) from LAX and we land in Heathrow, London at 3:30 PM on the 9th. We leave the 10th of Sept. from London to Kenya (Flight #BA 65) and land in Kenya at 8:55 PM.

Our care team meeting had a potluck last Monday for our last meeting together. We had such a great time together and people pulled out their best recipes and we had a great meal together! (Shout out to Linda for making THE BEST bread pudding I've ever had!!! Laurie-the BEST chocolate covered strawberries and Susan for THE BEST chicken EVER!) Wow, I feel like I'm giving out awards at the Emmy's or something!

(Adrienne's side of the family)

(Adrienne's dad's side of the family)
JackRatana Photography- Family Farewell Potluck

Disneyland with some friends Friday night

On Friday night we had A BLAST with some of our fellow "Refugees" and great friends at Disneyland. You should've seen us trying to load onto rides at the park (14 people!). We had a great time!

Breakfast with the Hinrichs

The Hinrichs treated our family to an AMAZING breakfast at the Pancake House in Anaheim. Jonathan got the apple pancake (HIGHLY recommended). The word "pancake" just does not do that monster justice. It was more like an apple pie. We had great fun with the Hinrichs, as always!

Today I had a great time hanging out with my mom. She's getting married October 17th and so I got to go see her try on her GORGEOUS wedding dress. I was going to post pictures of my hot mama (smile) but then I realized, Gabe, my mom's fiance, may catch a glimpse of my mom in her dress. Sorry, Gabe, you'll have to just wait!

(Last Care Team Meeting all together)

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