Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank goodness it's Ijumaa!

Josiah and Christopher in front of the house

Jonathan, Josiah and Christopher in front of the house

This is our classroom. We have 3 people in the class which makes it great for asking questions and really understanding the instructor.

You may not be able to tell from the picture but this is a HUGE pit we put our trash in. It's located at the back of the house and someone will come by and burn it for us. haha! The pit is HUGE!!!

This is Joyce. She takes care of the children while we are in class and helps around the house. Joyce is used to working with Americans and has been such a help with getting our life started here in Kenya. She also brought us a big bag of avocados from her tree at home. GUACAMOLE!!!!

Pole (sorry) this picture is sideways ): This is our house/language school. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Ahhh....sweet Christopher and Josiah love hanging out in the kitchen while we are doing chores and making meals. They are having a ball here!

This little lizard was found in the bathtub drain as Jonathan tried to take a shower one morning. We think someone left the window open and the little guy crawled right in. Jonathan picked him up and the lizard jumped straight off the second story and landed on the ground. Poor little guy!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the boys on the plane. Aren't they cute?

Habari za nchama! (What is the news of the afternoon?) We have just finished up our first week in language school and can say thank goodness it's Ijumaa (Friday)! We also have a holiday coming on Monday which is the break fast for the muslims so we've got a three day weekend.
Language school is proving to be a challenge but Jonathan and I are studying so hard and practicing our kiswahili on the locals. For two days we greeted people on the streets in kiswahili and most of the time we wouldn't get a response. So we asked our instructor about this and he replied, "It is not often that you come down the street and just greet them." Oops! haha. The people were very gracious with us wazungu (white people).
We are looking forward to a great weekend. Our pastor, Robbie, will pick us up tomorrow and take us to village market to do some grocery shopping and we will spend the night at the church. After church we will come back to the house once again.
A couple days ago we were invited to Zeb's house, a fellow student, for dinner. It was about a 30 min. walk to his house, but the view was breathtaking! I actually had to hold back tears once I got to his house. It was indescribable. Pole (sorry) I forgot to bring my camera ):
We have had a great first week here in Tigoni and the language school has proved to be the best thing we could be doing right now. It is the perfect transition to our life here. Every morning Peter, our instructor, greets us with, "Habari za asubuhi?" (What is the news of the morning?) In which we reply, "Nzuri" (good). Then he will ask us, "Habari za watoto" (What is the news of the children?) and we reply, "Nzuri". Dada Stella, the woman who teaches the second half of the class, has been teaching us our numbers, how to tell the time, verbs and lots of other things. After next week we will be in class from 8:30 AM till 3:30 PM. We have been so blessed by the school and the instructors.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. As the language school gets more intense we will need prayer for rest and patience with our children. Being in school to learn a new language can be quite exhausting.


Anonymous said...

We are so thankful that you all are adjusting well. You are in our hearts & prayers daily. Every morning we check your blog for eagerly awaited updates on life in Kenya & how the Lord is working in & through the Ferguson Four :) We love you guys!

The Mueller Family
(Monica, Erik, & little Kyle)

Joyce said...

Soooo great to hear from you & know you are adapting well-praise God. Prayers continue for the entire family in building your new life.

autumn klare said...

Fergusons! We are praying for you . Love you and miss you guys so much !

Kristin Hampton said...

I get so excited when I see your updates. I'm so thankful that you guys are adapting so well along with the boys. I miss you guys so much. Just seeing the boys faces make me want to grab them and kiss/hug them. I love you and I will definitely be praying for you guys. Try to stay sane.. hehe.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Great reporting, Adrienne! I am glad the transition is going well and you are soaking it all up...even the lizard moments! I think Joyce took care of Kenya Grace as well and they loved her too! Keep us updated and the pictures really add a lot!

Brooke and Bill Coopman