Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayer Update!

Hello! We can't believe we are winding down in language school and are getting ready for the next phase, moving to Nairobi! Could you pray for a few things? Pray that we remain diligent in our studies, school end late March Pray for an opportunity to rent a home within our budget-a home became available that we are in love with. Close to the supermarket and 5 min. away from our church that's in a gated safe area. The landlord is a Christian who's praying about renting to us or another gentleman. The house is 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms for $525/mo.! Incredible for Nairobi! We are praying that the Lord will provide to come up with 2 months rent deposit AND three months rent in advance as the rent is paid quarterly. We are still praying about the sale of our truck in Cali (We know economic times are bad) and a car. There's a man named John who's a Christian who's looking for a car for us within our budget. Pray for an exciting opportunity for ministry/evangelism as a team will be coming out from the states the end of Feb-Mar. 11th to set up a free breast/cervical screening for women. We will advertise it at our church. Pray that the women wouldn't be afraid to come and that the Lord provides transportation to the hospital for the women and that the women from our church would reach out to unbelievers also waiting to be screened. Pray for our church. The Lord has provided laborers and we are so thankful because they are SO needed. Please pray for unity in ministry and within the church. The word is going forth, seeds are being planted, watered and are growing beautifully. Please pray for a gentleman named John who gave his life to the Lord a month or two ago. After years of glue-sniffing and becoming drug and alcohol-addicted, he is returning to his old ways. Please pray for the battle for his soul. He comes to church every week but isn't in his right mind. Please pray for the widows at our church. They so love Jesus and serve Him with all they have even though they don't have much. Please pray for their health and God's providence over their lives. They are such precious women whom we love dearly. Praise Report: The health of Baby Ferguson #3 is great. I'm feeling much better and we will find out the sex of the baby March 22nd! Yaay! Love you guys and thanks for lifting us up! Adrienne and Jonathan

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