Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ferguson update

Dear friends and family,

Let me start off by saying thank you to all who have been asking about little Abigail Gorden, who was bit by a Puff Adder a few weeks ago. We have been so blessed to hear of your prayers before the Lord. Abigail is recovering well and believe it or not, walking on her foot! Please keep our families in prayer with the wild life here. Although it is a huge blessing to be amongst such majestic creatures such as giraffe, zebra, lion, it comes with it's price too. We get some deadly snakes in the area and for an Orange County mama, I'm still learning how to handle all the "what if" scenarios when our kids go out to play. Praise God, a neighbor had advised us on a snake repelent that the Gordens and our family have put around the house.

We have some exciting things coming our way. This year has proved to be the season of change between our friends, extended family and ourselves. Jonathan has taught the last few Sundays at the church and is looking forward to what the Lord has for Living Water Christian Fellowship. The Gorden Family may in fact move their leave date to mid to late April so Jonathan will be taking the church very soon. Please keep all the details in prayer.

A few of the Calvary missionaries have gotten together and arranged a one day retreat for all Calvary Chapel ministry leaders and missionaries. The date if set for mid April. Our family is so looking forward to the refreshing the Lord will bring. What a treat!

Also another change for our extended family is my sister is getting married in Australia! She is getting married the seventeenth of February and we are so excited for this new season in her life. Please keep her and her fiance in prayer as they celebrate this joyous season of life! We love you Erica and Mitch! Many blessings to you both and Mitch, take care of my baby sister!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and our friends, the Gordens.

God Bless you all,
Adrienne for the F5

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