Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living Water Christian Fellowship

We are excited to announce that our family has had a change of plans concerning ministry in Kenya. Our family will be working with a church in Nairobi known as Living Water Christian Fellowship. We are so thrilled to come alongside Robbie and Elizabeth Gorden (Senior pastor) to serve at this precious church.

How did this happen? 

A dear friend of ours, Rick Deam, passed away in December here in the states while he was on furlough (picture above). Rick was an amazing man of God and served in a wide capacity at the church. As we grieved the loss of our friend, a need presented itself. We prayed and sought counsel as we desired to do whatever God wanted us to do. As we proceeded in this direction, doors just flew wide open. There's an overwhelming peace and comfort from our Lord for this new direction.  We are making a three-year (verbal) commitment to the church. 

We are also still looking forward to visiting Disciple Support Ministries while in Kenya. Which, comes to mind, please be in prayer for the Coopman Family (Bill, Brooke, little Ruby and Jonathan out of Calvary Chapel Beachside in HB) who will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya May 31st. 

So when's the big day? 

We had planned a short trip to Nairobi in June which is now not going to happen. Our move to Kenya will come at the end of August. Please pray as we are raising financial support and as we get our young boys ready for shots, passports and everything else.

When Jonathan and I went to Nairobi on our first trip back in 2005 we met Robbie and Elizabeth Gorden. Back then, Robbie had a radio show that featured teachings through the Bible by Chuck Smith. It was amazing to see the message go out and hear the response from the people. We also got the chance to visit Living Water and meet the people. Elizabeth teaches the Bible to a group of Maasai Ladies and help with their crafts. 

In 2006 Robbie and Elizabeth welcomed Jonathan and I into their home for two weeks as we took our "vision tour". Our hearts were knit to the Gordens as we saw their daily lives and how they loved each other as well as the people of Kenya.  On this second trip, Jonathan again got to visit the radio show Robbie was hosting, and help answer some of the questions people called and texted in. Jonathan also had an opportunity to teach at Living Water.

We are so thrilled at this new direction and we ask that you stand and pray with us as we have many things to do between now and August. Please pray for Ruth Deam as she moves forward in ministry and life without her beloved Rick. We love you guys and thanks for praying!

Jonathan and Adrienne

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Bryon Mondok said...

I updated your webpage to reflect the change in direction: http://shepsstaff.org/ferguson.aspx