Friday, February 27, 2009


Friends and family, 

We thank you for your continued prayers and support as our family makes this exciting transition to Nairobi, Kenya. There are ways you can help and partake in the Lord's work as our family serves Living Water Christian Fellowship. As our family prepares to move we ask that you consider supporting our family prayerfully and financially. Missionaries rely on God as the provider but God uses His people to partake in the support of missionaries. What does this mean? Missionaries receive their funding from people like you! I know that it is often times assumed that the church cuts a check to the missionaries to keep them out on the field. Although the church may provide some sort of financial assistance, missionaries stay on the field by individual givers. We ask that you would pray and see if God would impress on your heart to pledge monthly support for our family. It is important that we have pledged support coming in before we leave to assure we will have enough once we get out there and to stay out there. If you are not in a position to give financially, we ask that you would consider keeping our family in LOTS and LOTS of prayer. As we move forward in this process the enemy is throwing lots of opposition our way. 
Ways you can pray:
Peace for our children, they haven't been sleeping well at night, causing lots of spiritual warfare my way. When I'm really tired at night, it's always a sure way the enemy attacks.
Rest for Jonathan and I, again needing sleep...
That we would trust and rely on the Lord in all things and spend time with Him daily
For a new Jr. High pastor to replace Jonathan.
For God to give us continued peace about our move and that our plans would be His.
Also, I (Adrienne) have picked up my guitar again and am taking guitar lessons. Please pray that I would be diligent and focused on finally getting this instrument down and using it for the glory of God!

Financial End:
Of the $4,030/mo. we need in Kenya, we currently have 5% committed. Our goal is 160 supporters who can give $25/mo.

We currently have 2% donated of the $35,069 needed to start up. Here is the breakdown for our start up costs:

Plane tickets: $7,000 (for our family of four)
Language School: $3,275 (6 months preparation in Kenya for language and culture)
Entrance Visas: $200
Vaccinations for the kids: $550
Car: $10,000-20,000 depending on many factors. Unfortunately cars are all imported and so there is a high tax on the vehicles there. We need something with good suspension as the roads in Kenya are very rough.  
Rent deposit, (first, last and one month): $2,658
Cooker: $570 (This is for a basic range and oven)
Fridge: $570 (Medium size)
Hot Pot: $38
Water Filter: $127
Pans: $127
Dishes: $127
Linens (Towels, sheets, blankets and such): $304
Basic Household Supplies: $228 (Mops, brooms and cleaners)
Water Storage Tanks: $51 (200 liters for when the water is off)
Mobile phones: $254 (A higher end phone with GPS navigation and an inexpensive phone)
Furniture: $1,140
Drapes: $444 (Most homes do not come with them and these will be needed for security)
Voltage Regulator: $228 (Needed to maintain appliances. This is for three)
Small Generator: $127 (This is for a 1kv generator to run lights, computer and maybe a television. It is not enough for the whole house but will allow for some sanity in prolonged power outages to study, communicate and cook.)
Kerosene Lanterns: $51 (Needed for power outages. This will supply three)

We know that these numbers can seem daunting, but we know that our God moves mountains. 

Please send financial support to the following address:
Shepherd's Staff
P.O. Box 53640
Albuquerque, NM 87153
To give online and/or automatic debit, please visit the website:

Bless you as you serve Him, 

Jonathan, Adrienne, Josiah (2 yrs.)and Christopher (1 year in April)

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