Monday, April 20, 2009

What happened here?

Typical Monday morning this morning. But yet, not so typical....
I drag myself out of bed preparing for the hot weather today and as usual I can hear my kids laughing and playing (Christopher through the bars of his crib laughs and Josiah usually tosses Christopher a few toys that will keep him entertained). As I walk out of my room, the sight I see is most unusual. I notice Josiah's door is open and our lamp is on in the living room. I thought, "Oh no, Josiah's been out here playing!" I rush into the kids room to see if they are okay and Josiah, looking pitiful in the corner next to Christopher's crib, I dare to ask, "What have you gotten into???" He looks up at me with these regretful, worried eyes, looking soaked and says, "haiwspway". 

As I look over to Christopher's crib I see a managerie of toys, a diaper BOX and other items. Thank goodness Christopher was okay in his little crib. I have no idea how he avoided the toys and miscellaneous "missiles" flying for his head.

Needless to say, Josiah went straight into the bath where he was scrubbed silly. Praise the Lord, his hair, once severely stuck to his head, was restored to it's gorgeous color and more importantly, texture. 
This reminded me of Lamentations Ch. 3:22-23 Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, 
Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. 
Hmm...His mercies are new every morning but with young ones (as well as with me come to think of it) they are probably expended quickly. Oh wait, I think that's just my patience...haha
Isn't it awesome that God is never done with us? He never throws in the towel and calls us a "lost cause"? He just scoops us up and loves us and sometimes rebukes us. He is our loving father. He loves us despite our short comings. (:


Well, we were so blessed at the Meet N Greet yesterday. Thank you for all who came out to support our family. Your prayers love and support were such a blessing. I will post some pictures from the Meet N Greet soon. 

Special thanks to our awesome support team for putting together a smooth, flawless event. We were able sport our new "Ferguson Four" shirts with pride (thanks to Anastasia, Helen and Brett Stetzko for the time and effort spent on those shirts). Thanks to Geoff and his friend for providing the bounce house so our little ones could stay occupied. Thank you to Jessie Quintana for helping out with the sound and Shannon Quintana for the great worship. Thanks to my mama for watching our boys at home so we could meet people and go through with the event smoothly.

Adrienne for the Ferg4

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