Thursday, April 23, 2009

If these aren't the cutest little passports photos you ever did see...

Hi there! We are so excited to finally get the kids passports! I always wondered what a kids passport would look like and they look just like a regular one....go figure, huh? EXCEPT...they are the cutest passport pictures I've ever seen (such a mom!)
Passports for little ones are only good for about five years. Then they'll go in a scrapbook, I'm sure.  
I've always thought getting a passport is such a cool thing. It gives me the hope that we are going somewhere....anywhere. My grandma has instilled a sense of adventure in my sisters and I and I have to say when these passports came I got so excited for Josiah and Christopher. We are off to an adventure of some sort. How grand!

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Kristin said...

How can passports be so darn cute?!! My nephews are beyond adorable. Yeahh for adventures!