Saturday, April 25, 2009

F.I.T. Training Schedule

As many of you know, we will be in Mexico May 30-June 13 for Field-environment Intensive Training (FIT) to prepare for life in Kenya. We recently received the schedule for this amazing time of edification and encouragement. Here is a list of the classes we will be attending:

Missionary God * Culture Matters * Culture Shock * Re-entry

Church Planting * Spiritual Warfare - Armor

Prayer, Fasting & Personal Worship * Failure Management

Missionary Guilt & Rest * Relationships With Other Missionaries

Interpersonal Skills * Conflict Resolution

Family Relationships * From the Beginning : Marriage

Family on the Field * Being Single Minded

Education on the Field * Managing Stress

Leadership on the Field * Church Relations

Jerusalem to Antioch; Antioch to Philippi and the World

Receiving Short-term Teams

Written Communications and Newsletter Techniques

Culture/ Language Acquisition * Support Considerations

Cross-Cultural Study of Acts * Making Disciples Within Oral Cultures

Inductive Bible Study (IBS) Techniques * The Essential Gospel

In addition to these classes, we will also be attending church services, helping lead three English as a Second Language Clinics for the community, and participating in an immersion program, where we will be staying with a local family for the weekend. The families are great Christian families, but they don't speak English. Talk about being thrown into a different culture!

We also received a list of the other students, and it appears that Josiah and Christopher will have some playmates - there are going to be five other kids there, all age 3 or younger.

Please pray for the Ferguson Four as we head off on this great adventure! We will keep you posted while we are down there - Wireless Internet is available!

Jonathan (for the Ferguson Four)

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