Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prayer Update

We arrived safe and sound at the training center in La Gloria yesterday. We picked up a few different families from the San Diego airport, made a quick In-N-Out stop (woohoo!) and headed across the border. Once we got settled in our rooms it was dinner time 
and orientation. Today has been an incre
dible day. We went to church at Calvary Chapel Rosarito and came back to the training center. We had lunch (some of the best tostadas I've ever had!) and headed in for our first session of teaching. We went through a session called "Missionary God" and went through the whole Bible and learned how God has reached out to all of man kind from the beginning of time. It was an amazing, rich study of how our God is truly a 

(Jonathan riding on a wood bench in the back of a van headed for church in Tijuana. It officially felt like Mexico!)

missionary God. Tomorrow morning Jonathan is doing the morning devotion with the whole group and then we will be off to another filled day of  rich and applicable studies.

We wanted to let you know that Chris s
piked a pretty bad temp on Friday evening and it is being controlled Motrin/Tylenol. We thought it was teething initially since the doctor couldn't find anything other than the temp that was the problem. A few minutes ago Josiah woke up with what felt like a temp too. Please pray for the boys and our whole family as we are fighting off this thing. We don't believe that this sudden sickness came by coincidence. Please pray that we are able to stay at the training center and we

(Adrienne and Christopher at Comericial Mexicana-local grocery store)

 get over this thing. If we need to get out we have people who are able to take us home so we can see a doctor if need be.

Thanks so much for faithfully being with us in prayer. We will post pictures in the next couple days and give you more specifics on what's going on here. 

Bless you guys,  Adrienne

(Christopher enjoying his tostada at lunch)

(Josiah reminding mommy to blog)


Debbie said...

Praying for satan to be bound and not allowed to use illness or anything to keep you guys from concentrating on what God has for you in the training.
Love you guys,
Debbie-do & Howard, too!

The Ferguson's said...

Our prayers will continue - Did you get any sleep yourself, Adrienne? You need to stay fit, also. LOL, K&M

Katie Burke (Ambassador) said...

Praying for you guys! Please have a quesadilla from Tacos La Gloria for me. Oh! And a Coke in a glass bottle...mmm-mmm...