Wednesday, June 3, 2009

F.I.T. Update

Well, we have an amazing time here in Mexico at the training center. Let me just say first off that Christopher's temp went away and he was great on Monday morning. Josiah, however, has had a temp. Please keep the kids in prayer. We have one of the girls here who watches the kids pretty much all day (accept for breaks and mealtimes) so both Jonathan and I can be at the sessions. Please pray for Ilandra as she is in charge of two 2 yr. olds, a 14 month old and a 7 month old. She is so sweet and is doing such a great job with the kids. I'm sure the days are long for her though.
So far we have had several sessions that were so eye-opening and beneficial for the ministry we will be going to in Kenya. Sessions such as church-planting, conflict resolution, spiritual warfare, family relationships on the field and so much more are the classes we are in (sounds ike a commercial, huh?). They have been so great. 

Thanks so much for keeping us up in your prayers!
Adrienne for the Ferg4


Pat said...

Awesome Adriene!
Lifting all of you and the La Gloria/FIT team in prayer. Pat Kenney

Anonymous said...

Praise God! No matter how hard smutty face tries to discourage, we can rely on Jesus to take care of his flock. God Bless and we're praying for you. Alan and Jane

The Ferguson's said...

So relieved to hear that Christopher is better. Pray Josiah recovers as quickly. Your days are full - may God give you rest...
Lots of Love, Kim & Mel