Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

Well, today has been so nice. This morning we headed to church in an area of Mexico that looked a lot like Nairobi, believe it or not. The service was completely in Spanish and we had such a great time during the worship session. The kids let us know as soon as they got there that they desperately needed a nap so we spent most of the service trying to keep them from having a complete meltdown. It was a good taste of what to expect when we get to Kenya. WE didn't have control over much but we were able to keep calm through it and the kids did fine. Tomorrow night we will be going back to the same area and doing an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. I wish I could show you pictures of the surrounding area but I didn't feel right about snapping shots of perfect strangers. Maybe after we've established some relationships and ask the people, I might be able to post some pics. 

After we got home, Jonathan went to the store and the boys and I got a much needed nap. After, the team decided to go back to Tacos La Gloria and so we enjoyed another meal with THE BEST tacos ever!!!

Tacos La Gloria

We weren't able to take our van that fits everyone because the keys were left with Ron who had left to pick up our speaker for tomorrow, Tripp Kimball. So, we piled in the back of a truck (Christopher and I were in the cab, buckled up). We had tacos and ice cream. The perfect ending to a long morning!

You know what they say...When in Rome....           Christopher's Sunday afternoon nap. 

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Bryon Mondok said...

bring me a doggie bag from the taco stand.