Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wrapping up the last week of our F.I.T. Training

So instead of giving you a play-by-play of the last week at our F.I.T. Training, I figured, I'd post some of our pictures and bring you into our experience at the training center in La Gloria. 

We spent some time teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to some of the members of Capillo Calvario Las Granjas and there were lots of kids that came to learn as well. So our team divided up the people into groups based on how much English they knew and we started our teaching. These pictures were from the second day of teaching ESL. 

One of the kids at the church wanted to take my picture so I'm posting the better of the two he took. Trust me, you don't want to see the other one!

Jonathan teaching some English words to the kids

Jonathan has some kind of kid magnet inside of him. It doesn't matter where we go whether it's a family reunion or a church in Mexico, kids just love him!

Kids playing "Red Light, Green Light". Jonathan and I being as mean as we are would periodically shout out, "Purple! Blue! Grrrrrray!" They got a kick out of our trickery!

We played Duck-duck goose in English so the kids could learn some new words and have fun with them! It was hard to keep their attention when all they could think of was tackling Jonathan!

The kids wanted their picture taken. They loved looking at the digital image on the camera. 

Jonathan had a line of kids that wanted Jonathan to lift them up into the air. His poor back. After about ten kids Jonathan was trying to figure out how to say his back was hurting in Spanish and all he could muster up was, "Back es muy malo!" Needless to say, they were persistent little guys

Another one of our little friends waiting for his turn...

We took a group picture because the Wallins had to leave early to make it to a wedding. Unfortunately ALL my boys were napping so they didn't make the picture. The Wallins are the young couple on the left. 

One of our assignments was to try "Tostilocos". It was great minus the pickled pork rinds....

An up close look at Tostilocos

This is the family our family stayed with for the "cultural immersion" portion of our training. This is Pastor Jorge (25 yrs. old) and his wife, Erica (21 yrs. old) and a boy they take care of, Moises (11 years old.) They spoke very little English and we spoke very little Spanish which made for a wild game of charades during our conversations!

The first night we stayed with the family they had us come to their kitchen for dessert. It was a sugary type bread that was very good. 

The boys as we do a little shopping excursion. We had to find the prices for certain items as part of our culture immersion experience. Like the price of beans, rice, milk and such. The idea was to give us a taste of what it will be like once we are out on our own in Kenya and have to find these things out. 

It was crazy to see how much Mexican candy can fit in one spot. This wasn't even an eighth of the candy in this one dulceria

Josiah contemplating which machete would be best for slicing open a coconut (:

Pinatas....hundreds of them covering the ceiling in the dulcerias. 

Christopher looking our the window as we are driving along the streets in Mexico.

And Pastor Jorge makes the jump! Yes, we even went swimming as one of our cultural immersion experiences. 

Jonathan follows up with an impressive cannon ball!

Josiah couldn't resist. He was so excited to get in the water but he just shivered in the pool. He lasted about 15 minutes before he was ready to get out. 

Jonathan helping Pastor Jorge and Erica with their English pronunciation

Graduating Field-environment Intensive 
Training Class

Please pray for our class:
Denise and Geiner-Future missionaries to Costa Rica (scheduled to leave end of June)
Alison, Mike, Ben and Faith Wallin-Future missionaries to Rome, Italy 
(scheduled to leave end of August)
Susan-Future missionary praying for the Lord's direction 
(prays she will be leaving by the end of the year)
Jonathan-Future missionary to Israel

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