Friday, June 19, 2009

This week...

Our family will be headed to Big Bear for Jr. High Summer Camp. So we went from unpacking our bags from Mexico to packing our bags up again to head for summer camp. Tonight Jonathan and I did the shopping for the food for summer camp and it was quite comical. We were lugging around two shopping carts and a dolly/cart absolutely full of items. As we stacked up the carts, Josiah and Christopher kept throwing items out into the aisle. We were at Smart and Final for like 2 1/2 hours so the kids were quite antsy. Once Jonathan and I got to aisle eleven we were laughing hysterically and uncontrollably over how comical the whole situation was and how we were so overwhelmed. Our kids were sooo done with the shopping trip and all we could do was laugh. We had just completely lost it. It was either laugh hysterically or cry hysterically. It was one of those moments. So we thought we'd blog and ask you...NO...beg you to keep us in prayer as we will be leaving for summer camp on Monday. This will be our last camp before our move in late Aug./Sept.

We are also still in need of a truck or two that can tow a trailer. We have a small box trailer and a large 5th wheel. If you are able to tow a trailer, we are able to go up either Sunday or Monday, and also need the trailers towed back Friday. Email Jonathan ( if you are able to help us out!

*Please pray for summer camp*
*Please pray for an awesome time with the Lord for the leaders and kids.
*Pray that the Lord gives wisdom and discernment to the leaders as issues come up.
*Pray the kids would meet and come to know God in a deep and personal way.
*That the cook (me) wouldn't go insane & everything concerning the food and cooking equipment would go smoothly. (I've never cooked for a camp before)
*Pray for Jonathan and Chris Duarte (the new Junior High Pastor) who are giving the studies
*Pray that the kids would be safe (Jr. Highers and Josiah and Christopher)
*Pray that the kids would welcome those kids that don't have friends at camp and that their aren't "cliques"

Thanks for your prayers!

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Alison said...

We'll pray for your time at Camp! Hope you have a great time!