Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our apartment is shrinking!

It's crazy that just a few months ago we were praying for the Lord's timing and direction and empty apartment. Well, almost empty. We had our garage sale yesterday and praise the Lord, all our furniture sold! So what's the plan now? We will be moving in with some friends in August until our departure date. We are excited to move in with our friends, the Hinrichs. They have a home with a nice backyard and huge front yard for the kids to play and an adorable little girl Josiah just adores! It will be great to be with such good friends before we go. Especially when emotions start to run high as experienced yesterday.
Yesterday was also our family's going away party for us. We were so blessed to have family that drove out from Nevada, Arizona and Colorado to bid us farewell. The day was full of catching up, pictures, food and cousins playing. Kece, Jonathan's mom, put the whole event together and even arranged a beautiful scrapbook for the boys. The scrapbook was filled with entries from my sisters, sister-in-law, cousins, mom and my grandma wishing the kids well on our happy adventure. The scrapbook was just filled with beautiful memories of my family with the boys. What a precious treasure that will be for Josiah and Christopher. Needless to say the day ended in tears and goodbyes from family we wont see for a long time.

We will update the blog with pictures from the party soon.

God Bless You,


Alison said...

We are really excited for y'all! Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress! I know moving to Kenya is becoming such a real thing now! Mike and I were just talking about how we're craving being in Italy! Love to you all!

Debbie said...

I'm so glad that you had a great experience with your family. And I know that you all will enjoy that scrapbook immensely. I've heard so many stories of how people use scrapbooks to bless others' lives and this is another one!!
God bless you guys some more!!