Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nakumatt, Haircuts and a Test!

Our life in Kenya has proved to be a challenge in many areas. We have seen God’s mercy as we get by without a car and learn how to cook from

scratch. It seems that our lives consist of making grocery lists (there aren’t many preservatives in the foods here so they don’t last long), studying and playing with the boys.

Our first test is this Friday, so

we have been studying hard this week. After our review in class today we feel like we can do well if we keep studying. Friday will be a short day in class for us. We plan on taking the kids to Brackenhurst and letting them play on the playground.

Going to the grocery store over the weekends has been no easy task. We shop at a store called “Nakumatt”. It’s kind of an “all encompassing” store. You can do your regular grocery shopping, buy appliances, furniture and lots

of other things. The Nakumatt we went to this last weekend was three flo

ors. The hard part about the shopping is figuring out how everything is categorized while our one and two yr. old boys sit in the cart. The last three times I’ve been to Nakumatt, it was very warm inside and one of the times we had t

hree power outages in the store. It was completely pitch black inside. It’s all part of the adventure.

Last Sunday on our trip to Nakumatt we had to pick up hair clippers. Having three boys in the house, we needed to figure out a solution to their ever-growing hair. Yesterday I cut Jonathan’s hair and it turned out great (I used to cut his hair consistently about 2-3 years ago.) Josiah, who loves getting his haircut, hopped right

in the chair for his turn. As I started to cut the back I realized I had WAYYY to short of a setting for the clippers. I called Jonathan in the room to help “fix” it. Although I can’t say the results were disastrous, they were DEFINITELY less than what we hoped for! The front looks great but the back….well, that’s a different story. Poor unassuming Josiah.

Well, please pray for us as we take our first exam on Friday. We’ll let you know how we did!



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