Monday, December 14, 2009

2 Ferguson birthdays and Mbui mbui zaidi (more spiders)!

Hi everyone!

We are currently in the middle of
studying for our midterms. We can hardly believe we are HALF way done with school! Please pray for us as we have an oral midterm and a written test. We also had a written test last Friday so we've been studying hard!

This last week was Josiah's and Jonathan's birthday. Josiah was born on the 7th and Jonathan, the 9th. So we celebrated during chai time on the day of Josiah's birthday (half hour break between classes) and had Josiah's birthday party this
last Saturday. Check the video below to see Josiah getting sung to in English, Kiswahili and Korean!

This is the cake Jonathan made. "Dirt and Worms"

Josiah and his buddies enjoying chakula cha mchana (lunch). This is probably the most diverse party we've ever had!

Dada (sister) Stella-One of our instructors. The name "dada" is actually not associated so much as a "Catholic" title but you can use "dada" with any sister in the Lord.

Okay so after I uploaded that video of the spider eating it's prey (a termite), I wanted to share with you a few more "little" spiders we found in the house.

This is an African Rain Spider. Apparently not harmless but I have to say, I freaked out like a little girl (for the record this is Adrienne :) ) Jonathan caught it in the bucket above and put it outside.

Okay, I really wanted to post this video but I want to apologize for how many times I say "Oh my God"....I won't make excuses....I feel really bad about that but check out the video!
And to end on a good note, watch Josiah get sung to in three different languages!

Bless you guys!
The Ferg4

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