Thursday, December 3, 2009

SPIDERS and bugs!!!

Hey guys!

I decided to post a videos GNARLY scary spider video here. Let me
ALSO just note that there is an ACTUAL dead tarantula at our church too....I've not seen any live ones though. Okay I have a second video BUT I need to find a way to load that second video better because for some reason the whole thing won't load ): but I am putting up some pictures too!

The Fergusons
So, believe it or not, this is the pile of WINGS I swept up after last nights rain
. When it rains we get hundreds of termites outside that will swarm to the lights and apparently their wings are very delicate. We woke up this morning and these wings of these termites were EVERYWHERE!!!! Each termite has four wings!

We took a class trip to the Tea Farm about 20 minutes away from the school. There were Colobus monkeys on the roof and this is a picture of Jonathan feeding them mangoes!

This picture is at our friend, Ruth's house. Ruth is the one on the swing. This is the same house where we had Thanksgiving

Josiah and his friend from Sudan.

This picture was also taken at another time at the tea farm. This is Josiah's friend, Mary. Josiah ABSOLUTELY adores Mary.


melissa said...

I'm going to take your word for it and NOT press that little play button!!!!


Joyce said...

Oh Gee, monkeys, spiders, wings & things ... I feel like I'm missing out :-)) Who needs tv with all that other action! Thanks for sharing.