Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ferguson Update

Hi Friends and Family!

Thanks so much for hanging tight as we've just had Baby Benjamin here for a little over two weeks. Would you like to meet him? (Any excuse to throw up pictures of our adorable little one!)

Josiah and Christopher just adore their new little brother. Josiah often asks me, "Is Benjamin staying for a long long day?" They are both very protective over Benjamin. I walked into the room where Mary, our house lady, was holding Ben and Josiah said, "Hey! Get your own baby!!!!"
We are adjusting well and getting plenty of sleep. This month has been a great time for adjusting with the baby. The Bible school has a break in December, April and August. So Jonathan has been taking care of Josiah and Christopher while I've been able to focus on the baby.
Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers. Please continue to pray. We've recently had some warfare between our water situation (you can see the previous post for details), Christopher just had his second seizure here caused by fevers and I (Adrienne) have days where the homesickness can seem overwhelming. Especially with a new baby.
God Bless you guys!


Anonymous said...

Johnathan and Adrienne,
Blessings on your new addition.
Blessing also on your mission.

Uncle Joe

Joy said...

Saw the pics of the first feeding of rice cereal. he closes his eyes for the first few bites. Imagine what food must have tasted like to us for the first time m m m m m m
I will let Grandma Marty know how you are all doing. Take care, Joy