Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Learning

Recently I (Adrienne) went to meet a girl new to life in Kenya. She actually works as a midwife in Sudan and will be out in Kenya a few weeks at a time for some R & R. So another missionary friend, Kelli Compean, arranged to have her meet some women who are in the Calvary Chapel circle here in Kenya and show her around. Kelli gave some cultural debriefing for Stephanie, the midwife, and I must say, there is lots I am still learning. For example, here are some cultural lessons I learned:
Never compare a person to an animal. For example: "You are running around like a chicken with your head cut off."
I am notorious for telling my kids that they're a bunch of monkeys. Even if I didn't say that directly to a Kenyan but a Kenyan heard me talking to my kids that way, it is offensive. Mary, our house lady said, "People would wonder why you talk to your children like that."

Also, never cry in front of a Kenyan. Why? Well, as Americans we cry when we are happy, sad, overwhelmed or pretty much for any reason. Kenyans cry when they fear. So you can imagine how offensive it would be to cry in front of a Kenyan friend. They would assume you fear them!

Just goes to show, we've been in country for a year now and have so much to still learn.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go back to the language school and see our teachers and friends. What a blessing it was to feel like we were back "home". The weather was was sunny and cool. The green landscape and friendly faces made us feel as if we had never left. I praised God for remembering lots of Kiswahili and I was able to speak most of the time in Kiswahili. Our friends were overjoyed to meet Baby Benjamin and reconnect with Josiah, Christopher, Jonathan and myself. We had a great day of fellowship and afterwards we met Joyce, the woman who used to take care of our kids while we were in language school. What a great day.

I absolutely had to post this picture. It just cracks me up. This is Christopher feeding his dinosaur "Christopher milk". How funny it is to see him walking around with a giant dinosaur underneath his shirt. Enjoy!


Bethany said...

Love it! My girls used to sit on the couch, with their dolls under a blanket to "nurse". Kids are funny! Miss you guys. Your boys are getting so big!!

Anonymous said...

This is a keeper, for sure... you can get a lot of mileage out of this one when he's older. Definitely one you'll all laugh over!!